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Casino Blackjack Verite 3.01


There are dozens of different blackjack tutorial programs and software which have been launched in the past over the internet. Blackjack has always been, and is a very popular card game and with the online casinos becoming quite popular the need for tutorials has increased even more for players in the past some time. One such program is the Casino Blackjack Verite 3.01.

Casino Blackjack Verite

Casino Verite is one of the most popular programs for blackjack today. It is a very sophisticated, feature rich and visually rich program for practicing the game. The program is suitable for players of all skill levels and with the help of it players can simulate playing at a real casino blackjack table quite closely.

Casino Verite is not just a practice program but it has plenty of other features which make it suitable even for those players who are quite good at the game. It has a testing program for evaluating the skills of the users, various calculators and drill programs. It has plenty of good features which allow players to perfect their strategies and learn various new skills which they can later use in real casinos while playing blackjack.

There is also one more version of this blackjack software with is called to be Casino Verite Blackjack 4.10

A Toolkit

Casino Verite is a toolkit for blackjack players and card counters which allows players to practice card counting, determine the weakness areas, areas of improvement, record the practice session results, run drills and perform several other functions. There are also several refinements like cover strategies, side counts etc which are used by professional blackjack players in real casinos.

The beginner players can use the program to practice the basics of the game and card counting. The intermediate players can use the program to identify the specific areas of their weaknesses and then correct them using the program. It also helps the players to improve their accuracy and speed. The professional players can use the program for adding side counts and to practice their cover strategies. There is also a tournament mode where players can practice their tournament skills.


Casino Blackjack Verite 3.01 is practice software which has been rated as the best blackjack game by Win magazine, BJ confidential magazine, Dalton's BJ Review and BJ forum magazine. There are more than 500 parameters included in the program with a data base of 1170 house rules at over 740 real casinos.

The program includes a realistic 3D casino play, casino heat, hole carding, 37 drills, tournament play, expert methods and real shuffle. There are more than 400 tables for card counting along with shuffle tracking and high speed simulations with over 60,000 stats. Casino Verite also includes optimal bet calculation and index generation.

The program is licensed as Shareware and can be downloaded at $90 for the full version. There is also a free version of the program available for trial for a fixed period. Casino Verite is no doubt the most efficient blackjack practice program which is available on the internet today for blackjack players since it includes dozens of great features and many good strategies for practice.


To some extend


Proficient Blackjack 2.0

Want to become a real professional of blackjack? You need a lot of practice for sure! The following problem was solved with the help of a special program specially designed for players who need to understand the game better and learn the basic strategy of blackjack.

Shuffle Tracking

Shuffle Tracking

Shuffle tracking is an advanced technique used by blackjack players for determining the cards location in a shoe. The point is to "see" where high cards are - on the top or at the bottom of a deck.

Ace Sequencing

Ace Sequencing

One more technique used by advanced gambers of blackjack is ace sequencing: your task here is to "guess" where Aces are located in a shoe and when it would be nice to increase bets in order to win more.

Legal Issues

Legal Issues

We know that players often use various computer devices in order to improve their chances for winning at different blackjack games. The question is the following: is it legal to use such devices in casinos?

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