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CVCX Blackjack Simulator


Blackjack software can be used for several different purposes and because of this there have been numerous types of software which have been designed over the years and have been made available to the players. Mostly blackjack software as a learning tool, a tutorial or some blackjack simulator. There have not been many instances where players have been able to successfully use blackjack card counting software inside a land based casino or situs resmi taruhan m88 Mansion Bet without getting caught.

Using blackjack software for card counting, the player can include various preferences and difficulty levels in order to practice under all situations. The tutorial software and blackjack simulators which are available on the internet today are quite complex and advanced and can be used even by those who are quite good at the game in order to be able to practice better and perfect the skills or even to learn a new technique.

CVCX Blackjack Simulation

The CVCX application had been developed based on the book by Don Schlesinger, Blackjack Attack. The book had contained summaries of more than 600 separate rounds and stimulations which had been a wealth of information for blackjack players.

CVCX had been developed for four main purposes as listed below:

  • Quick strategy and game comparison. In CVCX there are more than 250,000 2 billion rounds. When the player loads the sims for any strategy, he/she can change the rules, penetrations, decks, bankroll, risk and bet spreads and see instantly how it would affect the expectation and the win rate. SCORE, as developed by Don Schlesinger can also be checked using the CVCX blackjack stimulation.
  • The program can be used for calculating optimal bet. As the player changes the settings, the optimal betting is instantly calculated by using various theories. These schemes can help players maximize their winnings.
  • The program also provides bankroll and risk calculators. There are 9 charts and 12 calculators included in the program for refined results, time, goal, bankroll and risk calculations.
  • The program contains a very high speed blackjack simulator so players can add their own methods of play to the program.


The program contains 105 different penetrations. Users can run them by exact card and these can be displayed once the sims have been completed. When the penetration counter is clicked, the optimal bets, risk, desirability and advantage are automatically calculated and displayed based on the exact indexes. The library of the program contains thousands of sims and billions of hands. Players can also download the rules for their favorite casinos into the program directly for optimal bet calculation, game comparison and simulation.

CVCX blackjack simulation contains several betting reports, summaries and graphs for use of the players. It has a context sensitive help, balloon help and an assistant to help the players understand the game better. The program is quite easy to use but a printed manual is also included for the users.

CVCX blackjack timulation is a very advanced blackjack stimulation program which can be used by players to perfect their skills and to learn various blackjack strategies. If you have become interested in such blackjack software, then you definitely should not miss one more of them - CVData Blackjack simulation.


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Legal Issues

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