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Drillmaster 2.0.1 - Free Blackjack Software


Free blackjack software has taken over the internet ever since the online casinos became popular. Blackjack software are designed for beginners of the game and even for those who are familiar with the game but want to learn card counting. Also, some professionals too use the software in order to learn a new system of card counting.

The Blackjack Drillmaster 2.0.1

The blackjack Drillmaster 2.0.1 is very easy to use fee blackjack software for training. The software is mainly for learning the basic strategies of the game and for card counting basics in blackjack. The program also has a 1 on 1 game with dealer and is available in plenty of different options for different types of house rules which the player might come across in real casinos.

Blackjack Drillmaster has practice games and drills built into the program which can help players develop the skills which would give them an advantage at the tables. The theory which is used in the program behind card counting and the basic strategy is quite simple but sound. Computer simulations, analysis and the experience of various professional players had been used in order to develop the program and the strategies.

The concepts which are taught in the program are very easy to understand but players would still need to practice a lot in order to perfect them.

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Who is the Program Suitable for?

Blackjack Drillmaster is basically for beginners, recreational or weekend players who want to learn the basics of the game and want an easy way to get the most out of the game. The basic strategy in blackjack is the simplest and yet the best ways to get a strong hold against the casino. With the help of this program, players can practice themselves before they head to the casino. With enough practice it is not only possible for the players to avoid loosing a lot of money but also to win some back from the casinos.

It is possible for the players to increase their chances of winning and to reduce the casino's edge if they perfect the basic strategy. Blackjack Drillmaster is available on the internet free of charge for use of 7 days and there is also a 14 day evaluation period for the players available before they decide to purchase it themselves.

Blackjack software can be used for several different purposes and because of this there have been numerous types of software which have been designed over the years and have been made available to the players. Mostly blackjack software as a learning tool or a tutorial, like Blackjack Drillmaster. With the help of these tutorials it is possible for the players to practice as much as they would like without having to risk any money of their own in the game.

Blackjack is a simple game to learn, however, in order to be able to win at the game the player would need some good strategies and plenty of practice which is why blackjack software has become so popular these days.


To some extend


Proficient Blackjack 2.0

Want to become a real professional of blackjack? You need a lot of practice for sure! The following problem was solved with the help of a special program specially designed for players who need to understand the game better and learn the basic strategy of blackjack.

Shuffle Tracking

Shuffle Tracking

Shuffle tracking is an advanced technique used by blackjack players for determining the cards location in a shoe. The point is to "see" where high cards are - on the top or at the bottom of a deck.

Ace Sequencing

Ace Sequencing

One more technique used by advanced gambers of blackjack is ace sequencing: your task here is to "guess" where Aces are located in a shoe and when it would be nice to increase bets in order to win more.

Legal Issues

Legal Issues

We know that players often use various computer devices in order to improve their chances for winning at different blackjack games. The question is the following: is it legal to use such devices in casinos?

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