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Take your Blackjack skills to the next level


Mastering blackjack is one of the first things card players learn when they join up to an online casino. The game is fast, fun and offers huge potential payouts if you strike lucky, but very soon you may find yourself searching for a fresh challenge.

Once you’ve conquered the game it’s always worth checking out new versions of blackjack to see what suits you. There are loads of Betfair blackjack games, for example, that offer interesting side bets not found in the classic rules.

While normal blackjack offers no side bets, games such as 21 Duel gives you a chance to greatly increase your winnings.

Playing 21 Duel is tough to begin with and many blackjack masters use the demo mode to get to grips with the rules. Of course, the idea is to beat the dealer with a hand closest to 21, but the cards available are restricted to just six on the table.

You have two (one faced up) and the dealer has two (both faced down), with two communities (faced up) placed in the middle. You must match your first card with one of the communities and, if that still doesn’t make a strong enough hand, you can always Hit on your second hole card.

After your move, the dealer chooses one of the communities to form a hand and can use their third if required. Whoever has the strongest hand is the winner.

21 Duel also offers a 2 Up bet beside your original stake, whereby if two of the three cards that are dealt face up create a pair then you’re paid out 3/1 on the side, regardless of who wins the hand.

Another good Betfair Blackjack game for side bets is Perfect, which offers the usual rules and payouts but also provides interesting Player’s and Dealer’s Pair sides that could land you in the big money.

Simply place chips on the hand you’re betting with and if you get a perfect pair (for example, 2 x J Hearts) then you win at 25/1. This is the same if you back the dealer and makes the game much more fun.

So, if you think you can handle a step up to the next level then give the demo versions a go on the Betfair blackjack lounge – you may be surprised at what’s out there.


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Proficient Blackjack 2.0

Want to become a real professional of blackjack? You need a lot of practice for sure! The following problem was solved with the help of a special program specially designed for players who need to understand the game better and learn the basic strategy of blackjack.

Shuffle Tracking

Shuffle Tracking

Shuffle tracking is an advanced technique used by blackjack players for determining the cards location in a shoe. The point is to "see" where high cards are - on the top or at the bottom of a deck.

Ace Sequencing

Ace Sequencing

One more technique used by advanced gambers of blackjack is ace sequencing: your task here is to "guess" where Aces are located in a shoe and when it would be nice to increase bets in order to win more.

Legal Issues

Legal Issues

We know that players often use various computer devices in order to improve their chances for winning at different blackjack games. The question is the following: is it legal to use such devices in casinos?

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