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What Is Blackjack Card Game?


Blackjack is one of the most popular and sophisticated games in casinos today. Even though it is not as popular as poker but it still has a respectable place among the card games in casinos today. Blackjack has been around since quite a long time in several different forms and the blackjack tables in most casinos today are filled with high rollers and skilled players, a place where true magic happens in casinos. Poker requires quite a lot of advanced strategies and social skills while blackjack is a relatively simple game where the strategies and rules of the games are easy to learn.

History of Blackjack

The exact history of blackjack is not very clear but it is believed that the game had been developed in France from games like the French Ferme and Chemin de Fer. According to many others the game had originated from Vingt Et Un which is French for twenty and one. Vingt Et Un had been very widely played in the French casinos in the early 18th century and in US ever since the early 19th century.

The name blackjack had been given since if a player had an ace of spades and a jack of spades as the first 2 cards, he/she was paid an extra bonus. Since both of these cards were considered vital, the name had been born. Gambling had been legal and quite big in the West from the 1850s till the time it had been declared illegal.

However, in 1931 the state of Nevada again legalized gambling and it was then that the age of casinos in Las Vegas begun. Blackjack had since then had a place of pride as one of the main games in the casinos.

Card Counting

One of the most well known aspects about blackjack today is card counting which is a system used for calculating the odds in some hands. Only people who have a very sharp mind and a good memory can effectively use the system to get a substantial advantage over the casino. However, today the casinos use several different measures because of which card counting has become very difficult and in some cases, almost impossible to implement.

There are dozens of books which have been written on blackjack and on how to win at the game. Professional players and noted names in the industry have published their own books on the subject and share their expertise with players. Not only is blackjack still quite famous, but some of the other variations of the games like triple 7s, double exposure, pontoon etc are also very well known today.

Online Casinos

Today is the age of online casinos and blackjack casino online is a very big hit. The provide players with the thrill of real casinos right in the comfort of their own house. With just some skills and a little luck, players can still win a good amount playing blackjack which is why the game is so popular. For beginners, online casinos are also a good place to practice the game for free.


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Proficient Blackjack 2.0

Want to become a real professional of blackjack? You need a lot of practice for sure! The following problem was solved with the help of a special program specially designed for players who need to understand the game better and learn the basic strategy of blackjack.

Shuffle Tracking

Shuffle Tracking

Shuffle tracking is an advanced technique used by blackjack players for determining the cards location in a shoe. The point is to "see" where high cards are - on the top or at the bottom of a deck.

Ace Sequencing

Ace Sequencing

One more technique used by advanced gambers of blackjack is ace sequencing: your task here is to "guess" where Aces are located in a shoe and when it would be nice to increase bets in order to win more.

Legal Issues

Legal Issues

We know that players often use various computer devices in order to improve their chances for winning at different blackjack games. The question is the following: is it legal to use such devices in casinos?

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