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Wonging - the Counting Blackjack Strategy


Wonging is the most advanced and yet the most effective card counting strategies today. The method, also known as Wong Halves was introduced first by Stephen Wong, a well known blackjack player who was a member of the well known MIT card counting team.

In this particular method a player would have to watch a blackjack table and then use card counting methods to determine when the deck is more favorable to the player and only then join the game. Wonging is done by card counters but the difference is that people who practice this have better advantage since they do not really have to sit at the table and make small bets when the odds are not in their favor. Thus, it is a better way of avoid losing any money.

The Technique

In Wong Halves, the strategy which is used is a level 3, advanced and balanced strategy. In this method fractions are used and are optimized for betting. The method had been discussed first in the book Professional Blackjack by Stephen Wong and is known to be one of the most efficient and strongest systems. However, the method is also very difficult.

Most players double the tag values in order to get rid of the fractions since it becomes a little difficult for them to keep counting. The method is still very much in use but most players today opt for strategies which are simpler to use. Originally, some players' side counted the aces while playing single deck with this method.

The tag values are as given below:

  • Count 0- 8
  • Count +1- 3, 4, 6
  • Count -1- A, T
  • Count 0.5- 2, 7
  • Count -0.5- 9
  • Count 1.5- 5

Using the Strategy

This method would be useful for those who are already card counters and are comfortable doing it. Shuffle trackers too can make use of Wonging since they too know how to count. What basically they have to do is to just hang around a blackjack table discreetly and let others play the game without joining at the table. The simply would have to stand back and have to appear like a casual player observing others. However, they have to actually do back counting as the game starts.

After a few hands, if the cards are more favorable he/she would then join the table and then reap the benefits of being dealt better cards from the deck. This method can still work at casinos if practiced properly. Rather than just standing or sitting at one period for a long time, it is always better to walk around and even look at the other tables.

When the deck becomes profitable, the player can sit and play and when it again becomes unprofitable it is better to just stand up and leave rather than play at the table making small bets and losing money. However, when a freshly shuffled deck is used, it is always wise to make a standard bet.


To some extend


Proficient Blackjack 2.0

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Legal Issues

Legal Issues

We know that players often use various computer devices in order to improve their chances for winning at different blackjack games. The question is the following: is it legal to use such devices in casinos?

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